Friday, September 10, 2010

the morning prep

The chimui-s arrive bright early in the morning and fuel up with piping hot nasi lemak.

My relatives sets snacks and drinks up for the upcoming crowd.

Me getting my make-up done.

Make-up: Janice @ +6012-22332542

The groom suits up! The tuxedo is modelled after James Bond circa Pierce Brosnan or at least that's what Ron the tailor said.

Bowtie: Lanvin

Fit & Match

The girls huddle to discuss before the boys'arrival.

The torture weaponry!

The yellow pistols..!

The tongue murderers..! It's a 4-taste combination (sweet, sour, bitter, spicy) of a sugar cube, lime, something bitter (I don't know what) and cili padi.

As the ladies prepare for war, Miss KosKos helps me with the meringue puff of a dress. We are figuring the best way to put it on.

The dress turned out to be a little tighter than I thought. Just yesterday it was 1.5 inches too loose and it had to get altered 'cos it kept slipping down the chest and now...

No fret, this is not unfamiliar territory for me and Miss KosKos. She has helped me squeeze into a million outfits including my graduation skin-tight kebaya. We've come a long way since then :)

Can't even remember what I was pondering about now. Everything seems a blur.

The parental units getting ready to...

... veil their first-born!

Good luck kisses from the girls :)