Thursday, August 5, 2010

olivia graham with marika domincyzk in style weddings

OMG doesn't Olivia Graham take amazing pictures?? Marika Domincyzk looks smashing in the pretty little white dresses :) for In Style Weddings. Don't they suddenly uproot you and transport you into the times where The Mamas and Papas ruled the airwaves? I can already hear the cracklin' sound of California Dreamin' lightly playing in the background :)

I can't read the text 'cos it's terribly miniscule but I'm pretty sure it's Erin Fetherston circa spring/summer 2007(??). that is, like, MY FAVOURITE SKIRT!! How did they manage to find this piece 'cos I've been searching for it for years and nobody seems to stock it. Erin, if you're reading.. I'm looking!! Kudos to In Style weddings for bringing it back and adding a matrimonial twist to it :)

P.S: OMG I can't believe I've actually written a post about Erin and this skirt in my first few posts!! Read the post here *click*!!

Images courtesy of Olivia Graham


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xuan: cicada wings? as in the skirt? ahaha what a lovely way to describe it..!