Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my TLC kit

Remember my post on the bridal survival kit?

Well I really did make them for my bridesmaids. Yea I'm that sort of corny *shrug* The nay part however, was due to the fact I had put them together in abit of a hurry, I had forgotten to attach the 'Bridal Survival kit' labels. Instead my bridesmaids call it 'Shelby's TLC Kit' which I find pretty endearing too. Anyhooters, I put together bits and bobs of what I consider as life-saving in order to survive my anxiety-driven Bridezilla reign ;)


Clockwise from top right:

1. Sterile cotton pads + rose water = eyepads to reduce fine lines + puffiness: for the hours I put them through which may cause minimal sleep and bloated eyebags
2. T.Ponstan 500 mg: for the throbbing migraine when I drive them crazy and
3. T.Gelusil 1/1: for the gastric attack if they ran around town running my errands and forgot to eat
4. Alcohol Prep Pad: antiseptic wipe in case they hurt themselves... infection prevention!
5. Elastoplast: band-aid to seal the wound
6. The London Tea Company white tea, elderflower & apricot: if the skin gets a lil' roughed up
7. Normal Saline eyedrops: for dry eyes / contact lenses
8. Crimio strawberry milk candy: for those hypoglycemic moments that makes you wanna faint
9. Hair Mud Mask: to revive the limp locks
10. Pink surgical cap: to increase absorption intensity of the hair mud mask
11. Recyclable plastic (sorry!) container with matryoshka tape: they can use it to hold make-up, food leftovers...
12. Le Sportsac pouch (just wanna point out that this is not an imitation): to niftily hold them all together

Delightful or not??

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