Monday, July 26, 2010

michelle phan on natural bridal look

I remember writing an email to Rice Bunny aka Michelle Phan to do up a video on bridal make-up back in the days when I felt ambitious enough to do my own make-up on my wedding day. This video came in a little too late but nevertheless I'm sure alot of budget brides-to-be would be able to benefit from Michelle's talented tips.

I heart her.

Her somewhat melodic voice and voluptuous lips soothes me *sigh*

Friday, July 23, 2010

chimui + hengtai photo-op

I eat in Kota Damansara all the time and have always known Sunway Giza to exist but I never really wandered in there 'till an emergency-sanitary-pad situation (it houses Village Grocer *swoon*) and was totally blown away by the space and how unblemished it was... a little voice in my heart squeaked, "Sugar place for a wedding photo-op... I can totally see us rockin' at that... etc etc etc".

Come wedding day I revealed my pent-up fantasy to my photographer and zoom... the lot of us headed here...! Glee!

I'm so glad I chose to get pictures taken here while it was still unblemished. Reminds me of Mansun's 'Wide Open Space' :) Awww the 90s...

I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S-ish walk shots!

That and merry jump shots!

Sunway Giza
No.2 Jalan PJU5/14
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 6148 1600

Tell me what's your fantasy chimui-hengtai photo-op venue. Leave your web post address in the comments if you have them in pictures already :)

oh and my bachelorette party

Read all about it and that special place Sekeping Tenggiri here...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

drop-dead gorgeous bridal gowns at (almost) bargain basement prices

Leah Bourne of Forbes wrote an article on drop-dead gorgeous bridal gowns at (almost) bargain-basement prices.

Did you know that before getting my bespoked dress, I was this close to getting this dress from David's Bridal Galina line?. Unfortunately it was not available online. I do not find it surprising to see it on this list as it is a lovely dress under US$400.

I do hope this list proves useful to my Budget Bridezillas out there..

Monday, July 19, 2010

house decor on wedding morning

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who this room used to belong to ;)

California name sign: souvenir from Wei Lin when she studied there

This is my ex-room. I've cleared my stuff out and so Mmmy placed family travel photoframes on my shelves to brighten it up for the wedding.

I've finally proved to one and all that queueing up like a Madhatter for the McDonald's Hello Kitty wedding plushes back in 2000 (WOW that was 11 years ago!) was crazy worth it! I unearthed my collection and finally put them out for show where they belong. It was minorly heart-rendering cutting the plastic bag open but watching them beam from the 'mantelpiece' really made me feel so fuzzy inside. They look gorgeous, non?

McDonald's Hello Kitty 2000 McSweet Millenium Love Plushes: Bride's own collection
Japanese cotton cloth:
Kamdar (on 30% sale)
Golden Cherie

My grand-aunt lent us this red wedding door banner (that she bought in China that was gonna be used for her son when she gets married... so basically I got first dibs and that is just so kind of her to lend us first). So meriah :)

Red wedding banner: Grand-aunt's collection

My failed attempt at decorating the handles. So I quitted after the driver's seat.

I used my other McDonald's Hello Kitty couple for the car decor. It was such a feat holding them onto the front of the car 'cos I didn't want to lose them yet I also didn't wanna damage them. I used those white plastic strip fasteners and clipped their arms and legs together.

McDonald's 1999 Love McKitty Plush: Bride's own collection

I chose fuschia scallops for the canopies *giggle*

I put the paper lanterns up with pearl chains over at my parents' living room to spruce the ambience up. It really does give more character to the space, non? Place them randomly in heights in equal spaces.

Pearl chain: Krismaya
Paper lanterns:

And now over at our place, where the husband is getting ready...

My 4th sister-in-law cross-stitched this pillow for us. How adorable!!

Chinese clay figurines: engagement gift from Pei Yin.

I love my living room. Check out my Mark Ryden corner :)

My wooden Paris!

City-in-a-bag: Muji

Oh-so-lovely Precious Moments figurines: engagement gift from Pinn Tsin.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our houses and the decor that I did by myself. More to come...

Monday, July 12, 2010

the dress, the suit and that bird hairpiece!

Voila! This is THE dress. It's modelled after an off-the-rack sample but it's still pretty much bespoked. A ruched satin sash was added to give a better illusion of waist (and boy do I need THAT!). I love the flowing organza and tulle. Princess galore!

Note the flower appliques. Lovely hor?

Bespoked dress: After Twelve

Mmmy gets the tea set ready. Alot of people wondered why I didn't use the traditional tea set. I don't know, I just wanted to use what I have and what I have is cute :)

Tea set: i wanna go home!

The veil.

Hello Kitty bedcover: The Store, Teluk Intan
After Twelve
Golden Cherie

The brushes.

My Thai aunt and I made our hair accessories which are fluttery lil'birds very much inspired by Carrie's in Sex And The City: The Movie. You can already tell it's going to be a frou frou affair!!

This is my something old: Aldo shoes that are fashioned after Miu Miu which are crazy comfortable! Trust me, you do NOT want to wear uncomfy and horrors worse: new, unbroken into shoes!

The suit. Lovely matching boutonnieres, non?

Bespoked tuxedo: Fit & Match