Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bridal showers vs bachelorette party / hen's night

My bridesmaids are going to throw me a bachelorette night. Though I secretly prefer a bridal shower, I think it would be nice to step out of the box and have some "have fun go mad" moments just before the wedding!

They were confused 'cos they thought that both the events were the same thing. It's really quite different.

Martha Stewart Weddings says, "Legend has it that the custom of the bridal shower began several centuries ago when the daughter of a rich merchant fell in love with a poor young man. Her father disapproved and denied her a dowry, so before the couple was married, the townspeople "showered" them with gifts that enabled them to set up a home together. A shower is still an excellent way to provide a soon-to-be-married friend with practical gifts for her new home.

According to tradition, a shower should not be thrown by the bride's immediate relatives, such as her mother, future mother-in-law, or sister, since it would appear that they were asking for gifts. The maid of honor or another good friend usually hosts, or several people, often bridesmaids, share the responsibility.

The tradition of the groom showing up with flowers just before his fiancee opens the gifts is definitely back," says Weiss. Guests who haven't met the lucky guy before often look forward to this part of the shower for that very reason.

Rituals that have been passed down from older generations are still common. A popular one: making a bouquet out of the shower gifts' ribbons and bows and using it as a stand-in for the real one at the wedding rehearsal. Other old-school traditions, such as having something old, new, borrowed, and blue on hand, are still favorites of today's brides as well."

Aussiebride833 says, "Yes a Hens night is a Bachelorette Party lol. We call them Hens Nights in Australia, and a Guys is a Bucks Night."

DC Texan says, "The bachelorette party is totally different. It is usually hosted by the bridesmaids and includes going out to bars and embarrassing the bride because it's her last night out."

Oh babydolls, DO TELL me more 'bout your bridal shower / bachelorette party / hen's night by leaving your link in the comments section!

8 pink questions: su of delectable

Now yáll know me loves Su much!!

She made my lovely lovely birthday cake in "Who says I can't have my Birkin and eat it too?" and I got Mmmy Mother's Day cupcakes with pretty bunnies and I even attended the launch of Delectable by Su at The Gardens! I cannot deny I'm quite the fan. Also I was ecstatic to be invited to the launch of the shop and see myself (oh well a sweeter version of my anyways :P) in print.. weee!! Of course it goes without saying that Su makes killer wedding cakes which really blow the mind!

So I invited Su to a quick Q&A:

1. Describe your job.

I make edible inspiration! haha I bake beautiful cakes and desserts :)

2. If you had a wedding dessert bar, what are the 5 types of sweet goodies you would serve?

Cake, lollypops; macarons; fruit tartlets, chocolate truffles

3. Wedding dress: a mountain of ruffles or no ruffles at all?

No ruffles

4. If budget wasn’t an issue where would your dream wedding venue be?
Sydney australia :)

5. Name your favourite part of a wedding reception.

The toast + cake cutting of course ;)

6. If you had a chance to incorporate the most insane element into the wedding (dinosaur ring-bearer or Village People ‘YMCA’ bridesmaids etc) what would it be?

A wedding cake decorated by all the guests at the wedding party!

7. Can you fix a leaking tap?

Hell yea~ haha

8. Favourite fast food to serve at a wedding.

Onion rings! *burp* hahaha

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Budding brides!!

The latest wedding bible is on the shelf so hurry hurry and get your Summer 2010 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Mmmy says that this issue is even better than the one before. I say it's pretty obvious that the previous issue will always benchmark the next. Currently this is the ONLY magazine I pay full price for.

Anyway as I sat in an empty Zara changing cubicle awaiting my mother to finish trying on a blouse while pouring over this new mag, my heart stopped at these pictures:

My favourite!! Brilliant way to personalize your dress... was heavily considering this but decided against it with my already "crowded" flower appliques and lilac sash.


I may do this though...

The ribbons are from Midori and I'm lovin' the multiple widths as well as the very sturdy yet creamy texture they come in. Anyways I'm just lovin'the concept of this photoshoot. Genius!! Well done Martha's wedding team :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

buntings and butterfly placecards

Speaking of buntings (in the previous post), here's a peek behind-the-scenes:

Gathering my baju kurung cloth remains and rolls of twine.

In sticky processes such as this, you must use the 'divide and conquer' approach. I gave some cloths to Miss CillaCilla and Miss KosKos to take home as homework 'cos they can't make it to crafting sessions. I will later gather the flags from them and make them into pastel buntings.

Making a bunting is relatively easy. Cut triangles and join them with a string. That's the main idea. Here's a step-to-step tutorial if you need one. I didn't really dote on mine much 'cos I was lazy and unfussy and outta time but FYI, ironing is a pretty important step.

I also very very much love these butterfly placecards featured on Martha Stewart Weddings that perches oh-so-daintily on the wine glasses. You can get the template off her website and make your own. I also found them on Etsy here by Timeless Paper. They're definitely much more refined but also much more expensive.

The girls going at it with the scissors and a ruler ;)

Because the template only offers half a wing, what I did was I made multiple copies of the half-wing.
I then cut them out with o.3cm borders and stuck them in a row as straight as I could make them to be.
After that I used a craft paper trimmer to make perforated lines along the 'body' of the butterfly to ease folding.
You can then cut both the wings at the same time which really saves on effort.
The curvaceous lower wing is crazy tricky to do with a regular pair of shears so what we found out while doing this was that you can actually neglect the curvy lines and just cut it off with a craft scissors. Easy-peasy and quickly too!

My free labour and our awesome production site.

After awhile the girls got bored of sitting at the dining place and nicely adjourned to the couch where they enveloped themselves with a quilt while watching E!. I don't care where and how they do it as long as they get things done: typical Bosszilla attitude, non?

Big thanks to my bridesmaid babydolls for all the big help!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

you are my fav

Melanie dedicated a year of garlands / buntings to her crafty sister Danni for her birthday which I believe is real merry!

I definitely share the same love for all things garland-y as Melanie does. I'm making cloth buntings for my pre-wed housewarming makan-makan.. thinking of adding dyed coffee filters (as inspired by Eunice & Daniel) to the bunting family but we'll see. Right now the edges don't look too good after being cut by craft scissors. i'll definitely have to think of how to go about it. Also patiently awaiting my wedding papel-picado banners to adorn my styrofoam Eiffel Tower base. Glee!