Monday, May 31, 2010

my digital save-the-date

I just realized that I forgot to upload a digital save-the-date I made after our Cameron Highlands trip. It's a little nauseatingly corny but I guess that's how save-the-dates usually go, non? Or maybe in the heat of the moment I thought it was cute *giggle*

Digital save-the-dates make awfully inexpensive reminders. You can get them emailed, posted up on Facebook or Flickr... it really gets the news shouted out.

I'd love to help yáll search for corny one-liners for your save-the-date. Just post your email in the comments area and i'll holler back :)

I got our couples T-shirt from Taipei. They say: "You are my hero" and "You are my angel" :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

decoder save the dates

The bride said:

“I did all the printing of the cards, envelopes, and stickers myself on a home inkjet and on a large-format printer, and we bought the decoder glasses online for about 20 cents a piece.”

Yearghhh!! Can you even believe this save-the-date?? It's beyond awesome!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

sex and the city wedding collection

I hope everyone caught E! Asia's exclusive preview into Sex And The City 2 last night.

Oh Sex And The City weddings. We've gone through so many of them... Charlotte / Trey, Miranda / Steve, Charlotte / Harry... Tres Sugar recaps the weddings here oh-so-nicely.

I'm dying to catch the NEXT Sex And The City wedding!! Did you know there are going to be a small stream, a little bridge (over troubled waters I hope not) and OMG SWANS!! Real live swans!! Aaargh you know how much I love frivolous decadence!! I really wish I could be an extra in the set as a wedding guest. I want to learn of the details of the opulence that went into probably one of the most highlighted wedding of the century!!

Just a quick question: of all the weddings you've been to, do you remember what the bride wore?

Yet all of us will never forget the Vivienne Westwood bombshell that Vivienne herself felt it only rightly if Carrie kept it. Also we all know about the bird! How could we forget about the turquoise feathered friend that graced Mrs. Big-To-Be's blonde locks that day??

Now that's what you call a wedding!

Now we can relive this wedding again and again with Sex And the City: The Movie (The Wedding Collection Ultimate Collectors Edition). *hint hint* Wedding Gift registry ;)

Paul Katz, who reviewed this on Amazon, says:

The box, designed like the wedding invitation to beat all wedding invitations, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (only 85,000 of these things exist) and a slim hardcover book with pictures and quotes not only from the screenplay, but the "love letters from great men" referenced in the movie.

Crazily delightful!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a french affair

Well more of a bridal shower actually.

It's going to be a long photofied entry ços j'adore this bridal shower. C'est magnifique! I don't think I need to point out what I like 'cos I just love everything about it! I'm thinking to incorporate some of their elements into my wedding... wee!! Seeing Seeing learning learning!

Fabulous job In The Now Weddings for the ambience that stuck very well to the theme and Jasmine Star for catching it all just perfectly :)