Thursday, April 29, 2010

my invitation

I did not want to spend a ton on invites so instead of the usual printed cardstock etc, I decided to make it a flyer.

Now who says a wedding invitation has got to be a card??

I had previously designed my own invite but my laptop got stolen and it was just way too much trouble and time to do a redesign. I got my planner to find me a designer and we got to working.

These were the first few drafts...

I did not like the first option.

Second option was impressive but I felt the giant rose weighed the Eiffel down. Much prefer the one on the right.

Third option was tasteful and Je quite adore the first from the right. The Metropolitain and Sacre Couer touch was very delightful.

After much heavy contemplation I decided on Second option on the right.

Then it came down to deciding the text image. I like the way the first from the right pops. Just realized I have the tendency to choose those on the right.



Super CUTE right?? I really think Adele the designer did an exceptional job tailoring the invite to the theme and my personality. C├ęst bonne!

And to the printers we go!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

flowers that made the cut

I take flowers very very seriously.

To me, they're pretty much the life of the wedding. That glisten to a dreary occassion. The bling to the ring. So obviously I was going to have petals at my party. (I understand that there are some people who aren't flower people... got meh?)

It goes without saying that I'm treading on a seriously fragile budget.. I mean, aren't we all?? (OK I'm sure there are people like Ivanka Trump who has never heard of the word budget but who needs to worry about budget when her dad prints kachingkos within mere microminutes of existence). I narrated my vision to my wedding planner and waited. Imagine my horror when I was shown sample works of notable florists that amounted to RM20,000 just for something briefly simple!! 20K just on decorations?? Oh no no no no. I had to take things into my own hands (AGAIN) by sketching out 3 templates for the 18 tables and determining usage of flowers at each table. It took me multiple trips to flowershops and hours crawling through online wedding websites for weddingspiration.

Taking into account my theme and theme colours, I've narrowed down my choice of flowers to these:

Carnation dianthus. They're eye-popping, affordable and last a million hours!

These Eustomas are perfect for my theme colour and do not burn holes in pockets. Carefully distribute them and you'll get a plump luscious bouquet.

The other various choices of Eustoma colours. Loves them purple tinges on the white ones.

Let me introduce you to lipstick roses. They're mini versions of the regular roses which translates to equal amount of $$ but higher number of roses!

Here's a lipstick rose in comparison to a regular rose. Close your eyes and imagine it to be a beaming rose bush. Very Parisian garden in spring, non?

Last but most definitely not least carnations(!!). Cheap and cheerful blooms. Did you know that according to a Christian legend, carnations first appeared on Earth as Jesus carried the Cross. The Virgin Mary shed tears at Jesus' plight, and carnations sprang up from where her tears fell (Wikipedia).

Dddy is concerned over my bursting-by-the-seams stress level should I be doing my flowers on or just before my wedding day. Considering they're so delicate and easily perishable we've got to formulate a way to get the flowers in cheap and for skilled family members and friends to help assemble the bouquets. I'm still thinking as to how to get things done. I guess this is the point where DIY gets real cuh-razy. frugality really comes with the price of fatigue. Any ideas on how to get flowers done cheap and cheerful?

Will post up my sketches soon.