Sunday, March 21, 2010


I want macaroons at my wedding!!

It'd be an ultimate betrayal to my theme 'Springtime in Paris' and my love for all things French to not have these beautiful little pieces of frivolous joy grace my tables.

After an extensive search I managed to compile a list of macaroon makers in the city

1. Sunny Yaw of Big Boys Oven
2. Dish @ Dua Annexe: 211 Jalan Tun Razak, KL Tel: +603-21641286
3. Yossi of Lolita's Daughter
4. Nathalie's Gourmet Studio @ Unit A4-01-5, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1 KL Tel: +603-62079572
5. Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop @ LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya
6. That's it really. Pray pray tell if you know more so I can extend the list.

At first I thought I'd serve a macaroon to each guest and make them function as namecard holders. But this would mean shelling out a minimum of RM2.00++ per macaroon multiply by my 250 guests would total: RM500 which *sigh* as a kiamsiap Malaysian is a hard sum to stomach considering alot of my guests probably have zero idea of the magic of that ganache-filled shells.

Then I figured I'd serve afew at my guest-receiving reception table on a first-come-first-serve basis but then it would be unfair to just serve afew.

Then I thought of cakes. Like this:

Edible Mini Macaron Towers by Sunny Yaw

But it brought us back to the budget dilemma. And then I found these:

Non-Edible Point a la Ligne Macaroon Pyramid candle

Candles are fantastic ├žos after you're done with them as wedding deco you can bring them home to sugar up your kitchen counter or use them as sweet saviours during blackouts. Unfortunately the online store did not stock them anymore.

And then (after an extensive search quest) I stumbled upon these:

Also non-edible Kc SoapsNMore Goat's Milk Soap with Black Raspberry + Vanilla Scent on Etsy

Awfully cute and make brilliant after-wedding gifts for my bridesmaids but US$4.50 per macaroon is, again, not purse friendly.

Hmm... any other macaroon ideas I can use?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

which ring to choose

Jane of The Beauty Stop gives her advice on how to choose an engagement ring:

Long and/or bony fingers
Choose a round or oval setting. A wider band will not exaggerate the length of your fingers.

Short fingers
Choose an oval or marquise cut, but make sure it doesn’t extend beyond the first knuckle, or it will emphasise the shortness of the finger.

Small hands
Choose a small ring. A large ring may look gorgeous, but it will look heavy handed (pardon the pun).

Large hands
Choose a large ring. Remember, this is all about proportion. Get a couple of extra diamonds thrown in - you’re worth it!

But this is the best tip she gave:

This is just meant as a guide. Choose the ring you love and which best represents the love between you and your better half.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

inspire: eunice & daniel

What do you get when the creative director of Hello Lucky gets married?? Explosive work from the vendors obviously... like duh!!

Obviously her wedding planner did an amazing work. I mean check out the event pictures... but mainly the bride's the star of course. She was meticulous about everything and threw a mind-blowing party.

Me likes:

- actually more crazy about rather than just liking it, her pompom garlands made of coffee filters that she dyed herself. I'm dying to have this at my wedding!! Seriously!!
- ... what's pepper jelly? I don't know but if it came from that pink-labelled jar... I'm gonna dig in :P
- all the stationery... everything from their popcorn containers to the seating chart
- the charming silhouette cake topper made of balsa wood
- the theatrical 'vow' stage
- fuschia peonies. I'm dying to have this at my wedding too!! Seriously!!
- their custom cocktail: Marital Bliss
- dining under night lights. Magical!!