Monday, February 22, 2010

wedding registry: le creuset

I love cast iron!! And especially this oh-so-cute Le Creuset 2-quart heart casserole. Heart pot *giggle* It's so Valentine :)

I'd like some of these to do some home lovin' cookin'!

Oooh and check out the vegetable casseroles! Wahaha crazy cutes!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

potential wedding dress

hello babydolls,

how have you lovelies been doing?

Well I actually already have a wedding dress but looking at the state of the size of me... I ain't gonna fit. BRIDES DO NOT BUY A WEDDING DRESS A SIZE (or two) SMALLER THAN YOU ARE. If you did not fit in it then you ain't gonna fit into one NOW / LATER. Face your flab and figure a way to go around that giant boulder in the middle of the road.

Hence, here's me shopping for a new one and working on selling my old one. My budget is >US$500. There are afew places online that you find pretty good dresses and one of which is J.Crew.

This is Dune, my favourite! But it costs US$895. So that's a very sad buzzer being pressed right now. But it's such a lovely one, non? Well I have to admit, being the chubby bride I'm gonna be, that waistline is not gonna work it for me. Realistically no go for the body and no go for price.

This, though, was the winner: Taryn. Didn't really like the name 'cos it sounds so Wisteria Lane but the dreaminess is absolutely divine! Empire Cut: *tick*, price of US$425 *tick tick* I'm heavily considering it. Bohemian Chic is so Paris...!

It's running high in the list. I have afew more days to make a decision. Yeah I've always wanted Vera... Yeah I would've killed for a Monique but reality is as it is. I don't have US$3000. And if I did, I'd use it on the house. 2nd generation Shelbulosity it shall be.

bridal shower registry: clarisonic mia

Clarisonic has come up with yet another remarkable addition to the Sonic Skin Cleansing family: Mia(!!) which is is really our oh-so-very-famous Clarisonic but in petite! *giggle*

I super crazy want one!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

inspire: valentine's inspiration to reality

Gawk hard. This is stunning. Stunning I tell you. They seriously pulled out all the stops.

Me likes:
- the many vintage Valentine hues
- the many macaroon hues
- apple placecards
- passionfruit cake topper
- feathered nougat

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a valentine's save the date

Now this is what you call a valentine!!

What a lovely Save The Date, non? Guess what? The groom is an established architect and excellent artist who designed that tulip on the stamp! OMG... c'est bonne!! I'm crazy 'bout the ole skool logo and singular odd-yet-endearing black balloon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

grace's bridal shower

Oh how I wish I had a friend in wedding / event planning??

I seriously do not have enough friends!!

'Cos if I did, I would have had a smashing bridal shower like this honouring moi!! Man, Grace is sure one lucky lass, non? As for Detail Details (her friend and the event planning company of course) they are just bundles of talent wrapped in a sweet pink candy cane tissue paper. How delightful!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

anna rina

I wanted Anna Rina to take pictures of my wedding but she's booked to another wedding in Kota Kinabalu. You guys would probably have better luck.

She takes amazingly beautiful photographs. She knows the moments. She knows the emotions and most of all she knows the love. She knows it and she captures it in stills. Most of all she makes people in her work look so gorgeous. Seriously. The drop-deads look like Miss Universe and the regular nobodies look like runner-ups. I don't mind look like Miss Universe 2nd runner-up.

Love. Love. Love her.