Tuesday, October 20, 2009

behind the dress issue 01: love, vera

"You don't tailor Vera to fit you. You tailor yourself to fit Vera."

... Liv, Bride Wars ...

I love Vera. I super duper cruper wish I could wear a Vera on my wedding day. Alas, even a used Vera comes close to US$ 3000 and that's just awfully too much to scrape out from the BUDGET. I guess the eye candy will remain the eye candy ;)

So I thought I'd share my Vera Wang 'Behind The Dress' subscription with y'all darling babydolls 'cos I'm sure it doesn't hurt to dream...

Amelia reflects two important elements of my design philosophy: weightlessness and draping.

The ethereal beauty of a fairytale princess inspired this collection. I wanted to capture the concept of weightlessness through light, frothy skirts. By removing the crinolines (stiff petticoats under the skirt), the wedding dresses gain more movement. The result is a nymph-like sensuality that is both romantic and modern.

Soft draping across a structured bodice is a challenging formula in design. At Vera Wang, we have sought to master this technique and made it a signature of my wedding dresses. With Amelia, I chose to leave the seam allowance at the back of the draped bodice free, consciously adding more detail to the back. My eye is always searching for subtle ways to draw attention there…

I never add ornamentation just for the sake of it. Like jewelry, the crystal corsage at the hip of the Amelia wedding dress can stand on its own. As it is placed here, the crystals add an organic touch of magic to the dress.

Keep in mind, when accessorizing this wedding dress, keep it simple. The mix of design elements speaks volumes; little more is needed or you will overpower the dress.

I added crystal details on Amelia to introduce drama. As a philosophy, ornamentation on a wedding dress should reflect the nature of the celebration as well as the shape of the dress. When added directly to the wedding dress (as shown here), ornamentation accentuates.

Added ornamentation is particularly effective when beading feels overwhelming or inappropriate, such as for a daytime or an outdoor wedding.

My recent collections of wedding dresses are tinged with color to provide a fresh interpretation on modernity. I believe color expresses romance, artistry and femininity. For this particular collection, I focused on a palette of muted colors. Amelia is shown here in pale nude but is also available in ivory and white. Color speaks to each bride in a different way; use it to capture your own sense of style and originality.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

bridal shower registry: chanel

Forget about multiple gifts.. just pull everyone's money together and get me this!!

I wish Coco Chanel was my mother-in-law :(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

bridesmaid dress (trial 01)

Something from Color99:

So cutes right?? Only RM36 too.. yup, inclusive of belt(!). I ordered (online) 8 pieces for my lovely 8 bridesmaids. It's totally not in the colour theme but it's too good a buy for me to be all matchy-matchy. Imagine all of 'em standing in a row. Kawaii ne! I'm such a clever lil frugal bridezilla, non?

Unfortunately luck got the better of me and turns out the dress was totally sold out. Awaiting my refund now. Suck.

Back to the hunt.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pretty lulu bridal

Look at these darling clutches from Pretty Lulu Bridal for the bride or even her bridesmaids :)

Important for keeping our lip-gloss, oil-blotting paper, lucky Domo Kun charm, last minute ang-pows, etc... in check.



Monday, October 12, 2009

shelbybaby b'day giveaway

Crazy sorry this is such a late post. Offer extended 'till Oct 31st! Email khoshelby@yahoo.com :)