Friday, August 28, 2009

david tutera's my fair weddings

Maid-of-honour: Did you know David Tutera does shows for weddings too?

I did not.

But I do NOW! As you all probably know, David Tutera is my PARTY GURU. I totally idolize him, I indulge in his every deco tip, I nod at every word he's got to say bout party no-nos, I mean, to me... this guy's a host G*D!! Seriously. Turns out the party planner now has a wedding show where he comes in and basically puts on the finishing touches (or shall I say changes *wink*) to the wedding preps... sometimes to the bride's dismay. I can understand where the reluctance is coming from. But fact is we, common non-party planner people, brides gotta admit that despite our dreamy perfect wedding sandcastles in the air, we are absolutely clueless when it comes to the nitty and gritty details. That's where David (specialist, consultant, whatever...) comes in to save the day. It's definitely difficult to stomach in rejections: what?? no balloons you say?? but I believe sometime in the future we will look back and smile gingerly that we took David's advice.

There's no WE-TV in Malaysia. Me so sad. Would anyone like to send me a season of the show??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

print ribbons

I was scouring through throngs and throngs of websites looking for an easy way to customized ribbons just in case I ever need personalized labeling when I came across Printribbon's uber cutey website. You may recognize the stands from some local bookshops and craftshops as well as identify some companies that use their services (oooh so that's where Suyin got her delectable -pun not intended- ribbons from).

Printribbon Sdn Bhd
6, Jalan 30b / 146
Desa Tasik Selatan
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-90578069


Y'all know of any other ribbon customizers??

inspire: hollin + eric

Me Likes:
- the youthful exuberance of the atmosphere
- superb image captures by Ben Blood
- bride's very happy smile + that cute birdcage veil
- very "meriah" wedding invitation
- brilliant headshots, literally!
- her centil bridesmaids
- the entire concept of a tree house wedding!! so blissfully juvenile...
- polaroids!

Monday, August 24, 2009

very cute proposals

Proposals proposals... we all got them and it's the first thing one would ask when you declare a 'save the date'... which is why I don't have a date to save 'cos, well, Guy hasn't really OFFICIALLY proposed yet!! I guess that's just how it goes coming from a Malaysian (Chinese?) upbringing where marriage is the inevitable outcome of a relationship. I love Guy but the man's not much of a romantic-lah.. I've actually yet to experience my first bouquet of flowers (and I hope it looks like something Amy Osaba would put together). So here I am pencil-ing down my guest list, enquiring vendors, and looking around at venues and I gotta admit I do feel like an absolute loser getting things into gear when I'm not formally asked to be a bride. But bridezillas will be bridezillas and the absolute need to keep it all under the belt is severe despite proper invitation. Others, though, are intensely fortunate...

(Courtesy of Smitten)

When Linn decided to ask his girlfriend Annie to marry him, he knew one thing: She loved Starburst candy. So he decided to play a little trick...

Linn's side of the story:

Before proposing, I got advice from Annie's friends. They said, "Do it in front of all her friends," "Do it where you first met," "Go somewhere romantic." And advice from her sister: "Dude, Annie hates surprises." And that's when I knew: Make it a surprise.

Another thing about Annie: It's almost impossible to surprise her. Never in our five year relationship have I successfully surprised her. All attempts--and there were many--ended in my disappointment (because she wasn't surprised) or hers (because she got a Bud Light instead of Champagne). How do you surprise someone who can't be surprised?

Well, what better way to blindside her than to pick an activity that happens on a regular basis: Eating Starburst, her favorite candy.

So, one lazy Sunday evening in June, I held in my hand an unopened pack of Starburst. My secret? The second Starburst in the pack was actually miniature box (thanks to a razor blade, glue stick, and lots of patience) containing a diamond ring. The symbol of my eternal love was not encased in a cushy velvet box but wrapped with 99-cent wax paper. Amusing, but perfect.

A million thoughts swirled in my head: Here we go! What if she doesn't want a Starburst? What if she opens the wrong side of the pack and I have to eat 20 Starbursts before we get to the ring? When am I supposed to drop to one knee?

My emotions were a roller coaster. After dinner, I grabbed the pack of Starburst and thrust them into my pocket. I managed to choke out the words, “Do you want some Starburst?” Once the pack was in her hand, I focused only on executing the proposal perfectly. I strategically convinced her to choose the right Starburst--wrapped it in red, since she loves the cherry flavor. Seeing the red Starburst in her hand instantly made my heart beat a trillion times a minute. I hoped that my excess perspiration and breathing would not arouse her suspicion.

As she opened the Starburst, a new wave of excitement, satisfaction, and nerves overcame me. Things were moving so quickly, and all the thinking, planning, and more thinking were about to change my life. As I dropped to one knee and looked at her, was exhilarating…and, best of all, she was surprised.

This is Shannon's story:

Last weekend, while we were on a trip, my boyfriend Chris proposed to me (an unbelievably romantic, sweet and perfect proposal--a whole other wonderful story) during a romantic weekend trip while my daughter Emerson was visiting her father in New York.

He also adores Emerson, my seven-year-old daughter, so he wanted to do something special to let her know we were becoming a family. So, when we picked up Emerson after our weekend trip, we all went down to a nearby creek. Chris asked me to stay near the path while he walked to the creek with Em to ask her something. Taking out a ring box, he got on one knee and asked her to do him the honor of becoming his step-daughter. My heart swelled knowing not only was I getting this amazing man as my husband, but my little girl was getting a wonderful step-father who absolutely adores her. She said yes and ran to me with a huge smile and a hug. A few seconds later, she started crying but between sobs told me they were happy tears, which I don't think she's ever experienced before.

It was a very special moment for all three of us.

*tear* So sweet hor??

Guy says that even though we're well on our way with wedding preps now, he WILL one day propose and I will be (pleasantly?) surprised. And the best thing, on his part, is.. I won't say no :P

Well it's a little hard to believe that I will be surprised but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt *wink* Let you know when it happens...

Do you have a romantic proposal story to share??

Friday, August 21, 2009

photobooth fabrics

An instant sunny photobooth setup with minimal effort. All you need is some good fabric and lots of smiles!
You can easily get cute (and cheap) furnishing textiles from Ikea or the local cloth shop, i.e: Kamdar, Globe Silk Store, Nagoya Textiles. If you're willing to splurge make a visit to Janine (look for Azmie,he's a doll!), Laura Ashley, ... (I'll add more when I get more info k!)
Do you know of any good textile houses? Do share :)
Best thing is, when you're done, you can easily take it for a good wash, scooter to the village tailor and have them cut up into tablecloths, dinner napkins or placemats. No wastage there!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

reusable jars

I love mason jars!

That's 'cos everyone (who's insanely creative) has mason jars especially in the States and they tend to come up with the most amazing use for the glass containers. It's crazy. Just as you thought jars would be just jars, they put on a kimono / house a tea-light candle and transform into the cheeriest cherry blossom (insert other flowers) vase / glass lantern!

inspire: serena + andrew

*b* *b*

I really really really love the table centrepieces + overall deco concept + flowers!! Wishing Tree was a spot-on on this one. Awfully magnificent collaborations of colours and textures. I was blown away! The couple held a 'friends only' wedding reception in Sassorosso, KL with long tables overlooking the sparkling Twin Towers.
Yeh of Wondrous Vision, super lovely job. Such brilliant images to remember history by.

FYI, Andrew proposed to Serena with a ring kept in a zip-loc-ed bag as they were climbing Mount Everest!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

meredith's bachelorette takeaways

No, she didn't!
Yes, she did.
No, she didn't!
Yes, she did.
I know.. trust me, I know..

Tell me, how do people just get so clever and creative?? Seriously, how-lor?? Unfortunately, doctors aren't this bright when it comes to surprises and things-pretty. I don't get invited to events like these enough!


Inside each 'Fling Before The Ring' Bachelorette Survival Kit is: a Lip Smacker, a pack of Advils (aspirin?), Tic Tacs in mentol, a candy necklace and a condom in a self-sewn velum. Makes you wanna get a headache just so you can rip the packaging off!

Monday, August 17, 2009

inspire: pink + ivan

Me likes:
- the floaty tulle wedding dress
- those fuschia bridesmaid dresses in shantung silk(?)
- maid of honour's hair
- the cascading floral spheres in Carcosa Seri Negara garden
- wedding favours: oriental organza parasols in pinks + purples + whites
Parasols are real popular photo accessories. I see them in many pre-wedding shots.
Photography by Jim Liaw. Really Shelbulous work right?
P.S: I heard from a little bird that Pink's bridesmaid sourced the umbrellas from Singapore and they cost less than RM20 each. I managed to recently find mini organza parasols (was helping Guy's sister for the kindergarten's concert) at the souvenir street at the foot of Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang and you can bargain them down to 'bout RM6 per parasol.

yurah's paper flowers

Inspired by Martha Stewart, Yurah made paper flowers escort cards for Kinnis + Tipton's wedding. Such a perfect idea for a spring or garden themed wedding! It must be so exciting to look for your name in the window-box only to discover you belong at the daffodil / orchid / lily / daisy / cala lily / tulip / peony / carnation / rose / chrysanthemum table :) If only we had more people like Yurah in Malaysia...


Miss BellaBella once told me that the concept of escort card is quite tricky for the Malaysian crowd. She once helped a friend out with ushering and it turned out to be really really mad 'cos people were like, "Wh..? Can you just tell me the table number?"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

inspire: paige + kevin


Me likes:
- family portrait against sweet mural
- her dress ruffles
- guest book table deco

Saturday, August 15, 2009

inspire: nadia + charles

Me Likes:
- her french lace veil
- the dinner plate dahlias, peonies, garden roses, spray roses, millet
- singular pom-pom hung above each table
- pastel fiesta banners
Coordination & flowers: Meg of La Partie Events + Photography: Erin Hearts Court + Dress: Cymbeline, Montclair Boutique + Tissue pom poms: Pom Pom Love, Etsy + Fiesta banners: Ay Mujer, Etsy + Centrepiece glasses: Anthropologie

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

inspire: bradley + jordyn

Wanted to highlight their handmade bouttonnieres. Super cutes! Too bad Guy will be wearing his uniform, I would have loved for him to have brilliant boutonnieres such as these :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

once wed's the free wedding

Our Labor of Love does the most beautiful photographs. I'm smitten.
Event: Joy Thigpen Environments + Flowers: Amy Osaba + Dress: Joy Thigpen, Sohomade + Accessories, hair: Oh My Deer + Cupcakes: Chocolate Pink Cafe