Friday, July 31, 2009

bridal shower registry: sony

Cybershot Marine Pack: MPK THB (uh... not sure if this is the right one but basically the one compatibale for my DSC T10-lah!) RM759 at Sony Style

Sony Vaio W series: VPCW115XG/P (pink) RM1,999 at Sony Style

Bravia LCD TV S series: KLV-20S400A/P (pink) RM1,799 at Sony Style

hello kitty wedding

I love Hello Kitty. I'm the biggest lover of Hello Kitty of anybody I know. That seriously stood corrected as the internet came to town and revealed zanier fanatics that made me shy away in Kitty-shame!! I'm not that big a Kitty fan after all. People even wipe their royal asses with Hello Kitty tissue roll while I savour every single piece of pocket tissue... only smelling them, occasionally touching them and slipping them back into their plastic packet where they belong! It's just really difficult to show Kitty Lovin' with Malaysia not having a Sanrio store (I try very hard to not purchase pirated Hello Kitty stuff) and what with international shipping costs costing a darn bomb! Anywaaays, hell hath no fury like a woman who's Hello Kitty tissue gets used.. on crap! Literally. I will claw your eyes out if you touch my Hello Kitty tissue without being able to provide a substitute (of same print and scent). I don't care if it's an emergency and you were desperate. Use a freaking leaf!! I once used a magazine page when a number 1 turned into a number 2 in dire need. I left my Hello Kitty tissue f*ckin' alone :P Goodness I'm rambling...

So when I stumbled upon Hello Kitty Museum Flickr album here (!!) I almost went cuhrazy!! They had a Hello Kitty Wedding!! Wooooot!!!!!


I so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so want this!!
Is it possible for someone to come up with some kinda online Hello Kitty marriage certificate generator to mimic this so that Guy and I can have a Hello Kitty Marriage Certificate?? I crazy want one. It's so divine and as a Hello Kitty fan, the real license is a Hello Kitty license. Like there's no real rice cooker except for a Hello Kitty rice cooker.. or there's no real dildo except for a Hello Kitty dildo.

She even had a Sanrio Puroland wedding. That's like having your wedding at THE BLOODY MUTHAF*CKIN MOTHERSHIP!! In mere New York mortal talk: Wedding at the Plaza y'all!! SO nice hor?? *swoon*

I read (on the Sanrio blog) that they even have platinum wedding bands now!! How delightful!! I'm unsure if it's inclusive in the Puroland Wedding but wouldn't it be so cute if Guy were to propose to me with this Princess ring by Kimora Lee Simmons. I'd say YES in a heartbeat!!

I do!! *giggle*

Disclaimer: images courtesy of Hello Kitty Museum, Sanrio

Thursday, July 30, 2009

leanne marshall

I've only managed to catch Project Runway's season 5's last episode on the tele just a week ago and was blown away at how much the quality of style in the show has matured into. I was absolutely in love with Leanne's collection.

Never a big fan of turquoise initially but now I'm so tempted to dress my posse this side of blue. This is a wonderful wedding collection and I sure wish I had such nimble fingers to create the crafty pieces for my bridesmaids. We would look so haute couture, non? Though I don't think my maids would be thoroughly delighted 'cos it's mainly me who's an avant-garde afficianado.

You can read Leanne's biography here at BravoTV's official site. Also Leanne's creations (not this collection on PR though... t'was fully bought up by her alma mater FIDM... darn for us mere mortals!) is available on Etsy at her Leanimal store. Although you can't find $40 dresses no more. Pieces range from $300-$1200. Oh dear. Still, don't be fooled by her messy hair and nerdy glasses. This girl is all talent. I just love the blouse she's wearing. Brilliant.

Dear dear Leanne,

Congratulations on your big win on Project Runway. The moment your collection hit the runway I just knew you would be a strong contender to win. I was genuinely thrilled when you did. I love your clothing structure and the way it moves when the wind catches it. The pleats / petals are absolutely stunning. I sure wish 1 of the challenges of the week was to create a wedding collection for ME and my bridesmaids. Would you like to make me a white petal dress for my wedding *pssst... fuschia theme colour* next year just for kicks please(eeeeeee)??