Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a glee wedding!

I don't know but y'all but I've come to think of Glee as family. And as I watched Carole Hudson (Finn's mum) walk down the aisle, I sobbed like a donkey (do donkeys sob?). It was such a beautiful walk-in and I'm so happy for them. It's incredible to be married to the one you love that makes you feel complete.

P.S: Isn't it super genius of them to do the Soulja-Boy on the way to the altar?? BRILLIANT!! I can feel my mates rolling their eyes as they read this 'cos I love to do the Soulja-Boy at clubs and embarass them to bits ;D

Friday, September 10, 2010

the morning prep

The chimui-s arrive bright early in the morning and fuel up with piping hot nasi lemak.

My relatives sets snacks and drinks up for the upcoming crowd.

Me getting my make-up done.

Make-up: Janice @ +6012-22332542

The groom suits up! The tuxedo is modelled after James Bond circa Pierce Brosnan or at least that's what Ron the tailor said.

Bowtie: Lanvin

Fit & Match

The girls huddle to discuss before the boys'arrival.

The torture weaponry!

The yellow pistols..!

The tongue murderers..! It's a 4-taste combination (sweet, sour, bitter, spicy) of a sugar cube, lime, something bitter (I don't know what) and cili padi.

As the ladies prepare for war, Miss KosKos helps me with the meringue puff of a dress. We are figuring the best way to put it on.

The dress turned out to be a little tighter than I thought. Just yesterday it was 1.5 inches too loose and it had to get altered 'cos it kept slipping down the chest and now...

No fret, this is not unfamiliar territory for me and Miss KosKos. She has helped me squeeze into a million outfits including my graduation skin-tight kebaya. We've come a long way since then :)

Can't even remember what I was pondering about now. Everything seems a blur.

The parental units getting ready to...

... veil their first-born!

Good luck kisses from the girls :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

that lil' bird hairpiece

Carrie: I wore a bird on my head
Miranda: Is that what that was? I thought it was a feather?
Carrie: It was a bird.

... Sex And The City: The Movie ...

Despite the not-so-positive reviews from critics regarding her avian headgear, I seriously felt this was truly 'Sex & The City' vogue to its core. I never fail to admire how much SATC has revolutionized the culture of girly brunches, ready-to-wear avant garde couture, dating and sex culture and most of all weddings! So... the Vivienne Westwood dress did not have a happy-ever-after but didn't the bird hairpiece blow your mind??

It sure did mine :)

So this is my personal homage to Carrie Bradshaw and SATC genius of a stylist Patricia Field *kowtow kowtow* I don't care what you haters say.. I love the unconventional! And I've always tried to live my life that way... not dangerously (not so dare-devil-lah) but brave.

Since I did receive quite a wee bit of emails regarding the bird-in-my-hair, I thought I'd share the journey with you lovelies so you can be brave too *giggle*

1. Prepare:
- hair clips (available at accessories shop)
- miniature paper flowers, preferably 2 big 1 small in size (available at crafts store)
- faux birds (available at crafts or haberdashery store)

2. Perch the bird on the clip as if it's resting comfortably on it. Wind the thin bit of wire protruding from the bird's under(?) around the middle bit of the hairclip. Try to hide the end bit into the middle so it doesn't poke your head.

3. Attach the larger flower to the end bit of the clip disguising the fork-end. Wind the flower's wire to the clip.

4. Attach the next large flower to the end of the clip in the 'front' direction. Front meaning where the beak points out to.

5. It's half done and you're almost ready. It should look like this.

6. Lastly, attach the smaller flower to the small opening at the end of the clip to give it a wholesome 3-D appearance. This is the view from the front.

7. This is the view from the back.

8. And this is how you wear it with pride!

The lil bird-in-your-hair pieces (& remakes) are available for sale.

Do email me @ khoshelby@yahoo.com for more details :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my TLC kit

Remember my post on the bridal survival kit?

Well I really did make them for my bridesmaids. Yea I'm that sort of corny *shrug* The nay part however, was due to the fact I had put them together in abit of a hurry, I had forgotten to attach the 'Bridal Survival kit' labels. Instead my bridesmaids call it 'Shelby's TLC Kit' which I find pretty endearing too. Anyhooters, I put together bits and bobs of what I consider as life-saving in order to survive my anxiety-driven Bridezilla reign ;)


Clockwise from top right:

1. Sterile cotton pads + rose water = eyepads to reduce fine lines + puffiness: for the hours I put them through which may cause minimal sleep and bloated eyebags
2. T.Ponstan 500 mg: for the throbbing migraine when I drive them crazy and
3. T.Gelusil 1/1: for the gastric attack if they ran around town running my errands and forgot to eat
4. Alcohol Prep Pad: antiseptic wipe in case they hurt themselves... infection prevention!
5. Elastoplast: band-aid to seal the wound
6. The London Tea Company white tea, elderflower & apricot: if the skin gets a lil' roughed up
7. Normal Saline eyedrops: for dry eyes / contact lenses
8. Crimio strawberry milk candy: for those hypoglycemic moments that makes you wanna faint
9. Hair Mud Mask: to revive the limp locks
10. Pink surgical cap: to increase absorption intensity of the hair mud mask
11. Recyclable plastic (sorry!) container with matryoshka tape: they can use it to hold make-up, food leftovers...
12. Le Sportsac pouch (just wanna point out that this is not an imitation): to niftily hold them all together

Delightful or not??

Monday, August 16, 2010

the gem giving you the final touch

I got this in the mail and thought you strawberry shortcakes could benefit from this little piece of information...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

inspire: alix & manu

Me likes:

- the bite-sized snacks & desserts!
- whitewashed name signs
- the guests dressed in their Sunday best
- demure old Japanese aunties in colourful kimono. How extraordinary.
- classic french ladies in eye-popping birdcage hats
- pastel foxgloves(?) and hydrangeas floral decor that looks like they were just picked from the garden
- bridesmaid chiffon dresses in khaki and nude. I'm not usually a fan of brown but this is marvelous!